Art Therapy Lesson-March 2017

Theme: “Growing Where You’re Planted.”

 Longfellow Elementary School

Spokane, Washington

Copyright © Tracy Poindexter-Canton. All rights reserved.


“Grow Where You’re Planted," mixed media diptych  

 Currently on display through April 2019 at

Rio Wellness, 1003 E. Trent Ave. , Suite 130

Spokane, Washington


A diptych done in an expressionist style using a variety of media and textures. There is an emphasis on the contrast of bleak blue, gray and opaque tones in the background vs. golden, chestnut, peach and verdant tones in the foreground. These establish an interesting interplay between a decrepit forest and a lively, billowing “ human-like” tree which blooms independently in spite of being rooted in debilitating soil. Thus, the theme of this piece focuses on resilience, self-determination and “growing where you’re planted.”