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Her latest series entitled, “To Shalimar,” celebrates the literary greatness of Nobel Prize-winning author, Toni Morrison and various themes presented in Morrison’s novels, “The Bluest Eye,” “Sula,” “Song of Solomon,” “Beloved” and her short story, “Recitatif.” She blends a combination of traditional and non-traditional study, that includes an undergraduate degree in English/Creative Writing from Seattle University, a master’s degree in Communications and Leadership studies from Gonzaga University, and enrollment in myriad art classes in mixed media, acrylic and graphite pencil, to name a few. She has exhibited her work in Spokane, Richland and Seattle.

Tracy Poindexter-Canton is an artist in Spokane, Washington. She revels in the ability to unleash her creativity through art, which provides her perpetual comfort and a vehicle for connecting with the world. She is always exploring new ways to interpret familiar and iconic images, whether it be through bold acrylics, monochromatic portraiture, texture and/or collage. Her newfound affinity for mixed media has her stretching her creative limits by incorporating an eclectic assortment of media and materials into her work. These include acrylics, oil pastels, ink, feathers, beads, magazine clippings, bubble wrap, scrapbook paper and nylon cord.