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          Ekphrastic Poetry performed by the African American Writers Alliance of Seattle, Washington.

               Poetry based on my work, "Grow Where You're Planted" featured at minute 11:30 and 39:21. 


      Lending Library, 2023, "Imagination," Auntie's Bookstore, Carl Maxey Center, Spokane, Washington, 

            Spark Central.  

      Signal Box Art Wrap, 2022, "Lilac City 2: Riverfront Park Clock Tower," N. Hamilton Street & E. Indiana Avenue, 

            Spokane, Washington, Spokane Arts & Spokane Teachers Credit Union. 

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             Spokane Public Library. 

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              Washington State Arts Commission. 


       Portable lending library,  "Little Libraries, Big Stories," Spark Central, Spokane, Washington. 2023

       Billboard design, "Show Your Community Love," Terrain Spokane and Better Health Together, Spokane, 

            Washington. 2022


     Black Lives Matter Artist Grant, Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, Washington State University, Pullman,

         Washington. 2021

     Four 1st Place Blue Ribbons in Mixed Media Category, Spokane County Interstate Fair, Spokane County Fair

         & Expo Center, Spokane, Washington. 2016-17

     Two 2nd Place Red Ribbons in Mixed Media Category, Spokane County Interstate Fair, Spokane County Fair & Expo            Center, Spokane, Washington. 2015 & 2017
     Two 1st Place Ribbons in Drawing Category, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated Far Western Regional   

           Conference. 2015 & 2016
     1st Place Ribbon in Painting Category, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Far Western Regional        

            Conference. 2015

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April RSJ Spotlight: Tracy Poindexter-Canton

          YMCA Spokane, by Lara Estaris; May 4, 2023

Spokane Public Library's seven branches house books, yes, but also a plethora of accessible public art

          The Inlander, by Madison Pearson; March 23, 2023

Spark Central reenvisions its annual Salon fundraiser to involve everyone, from local artists to bookworms

          The Inlander, by Chey Scott; February 23, 2023

Local artists give thrifted art new narratives for a group showcase at downtown's Liberty Building

          The Inlander, by Madison Pearson; January 5, 2023

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  'Arts and activism kind of go hand in hand': Black History Month, a conversation with Ginger Ewing

          KXLY, by Destiny Richards; February 28, 2022

  Ideas of home: Black Spokane artists are featured in Gonzaga's Urban Arts Center exhibit 'Home: Imagining the    


          The Spokesman-Review, by Amber Dodd; February 11, 2022

  Two exhibits at WSU's art museum share Black artists' experiences with our often messy democracy

         The Inlander, by Carrie Scozzaro; November 18, 2021

   Art tells tales of Black womanhood

          The Spokesman-Review, by Amber Dodd; October 8, 2021

    Sundaes Outside: A Celebration of Black Women

           Golden Bricks Events and Washington State Parks; September 2021, featured at minutes 41:45 to 48:00. 

    Meet the Makers, p. 11

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     Black Lives Matter Artist Grant winners announced

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     Art by Tracy Poindexter-Canton, The Inlander; July to August 2020 

     Artist Poindexter-Canton takes 30-day quarantine art challenge to self-discovery,
          The Spokesman-Review,  by Nina Culver; July 16, 2020

     Quarantine art challenge on display at Spokane's Liberty Gallery, KREM 2, by Brandon Jones; July 6, 2020

     Artist Celebrates author Toni Morrison's work with film "The Foreigner's Home' and exhibit,"
          The Spokesman-Review,  by Nina Culver; January 30, 2020

     Saturate: Citywide effort aims to raise the profile of artists of color,The Spokesman-Review,               

          by Audrey Overstreet; February 1, 2018
     The Resident Artist, Northeast Washington Educational Service District 101
          Focus on Education Newsletter, by Steve Witter, Fall 2016
     Emerging Artist: Tracy Poindexter,The Spokesman-Review, by Julianne Crane; April 22, 2005


      Panelist for Spokane Public Schools' Empowering Youth Women Summit. May 24, 2023. NorthEast Washington

            Educational Service District 101, Spokane, Washington. 

      Co-Curator for group exhibit, "Home: Imagining the Irrevocable." February 2022. Gonzaga University Urban Arts

             Center, Spokane, Washington. 

       Award co-designer for Culinary Dope/Food Champs culinary battle October 2021 trophy. Spokane, Washington. 

       Instructor for Art Therapy Lesson. Theme: “Growing Where You’re Planted.” March 2017. Longfellow Elementary 

             School, Spokane, Washington.

       Judge for 2017 and 2018 Regional High School Art Show, Northeast Washington Educational Service District 101, 

             Spokane, Washington. 

      Committee Member for 2020 Spokane Arts Awards. Spokane, Washington. 

      Facilitator of "Integrating Art & Literacy in a Blended Classroom" workshop series for primary and secondary

              educators. Fall 2020. Northeast Washington Educational Service District 101, Spokane, Washington. 

     Featured Artist for Spokane Public Library's "Meet an Artist" program. February 2021. Spokane, Washington.  

     Guest Artist at Spokane Juneteenth Coalition Block Party. June 2021. Spokane, Washington.

     Instructor for "Awaken Your Intuition and Amplify Your Creativity Through Mixed Media and Collage" Workshop.

                 August 2021. Spokane Art Supply & June 2022. Art Salvage, Spokane, Washington.